What is it? Answers CXXIX

Thursday, August 10, 2006

738. A Piston Ring Spreader, it first clamps the ring then, as the handle is compressed, the tool spreads it.

The only writing on it is "Continental Corp., Pats. Pend."

The space between the two sets of jaws increases 1/4" when the handles are compressed:

739. Goodrich Tire Caliper Gauge

"Size scale of tire" and "Load scale on ground"

The instructions are printed on the back:

740. Corn Sheller, "T.L. Newland, Vermont"

The paddle shaped part is attached on the right:

741a. Glass cutter combination tool, patented in 1875, there are at least six different tools:
1. Glass cutter
2. Glass breakers (the two notches)
3. Tack hammer
4. Knife sharpener, the missing piece was a small stone.
5. Wrench, the long tapered slot is a wrench for nuts 3/16" to 3/8".
6. Can opener (the blade on the end), could also be used as a putty knife and general purpose cutter.
An article on the history of combination tools of this type can be seen here. Unfortunately the images that were meant to accompany the article are not available on the site.

741b. A piece is missing in the area indicated by the arrow, see photo 741d.

741c. A similar tool with less functions, "Pat Ap'l 28 1874", the left end has been broken off:

741d. The missing piece was similar to the one noted below:

742. Forged garden tool, used like a small hoe:

743. Valve spring compressor, marked "Ford Model A" and "K-D Mfg. Co. Lancaster PA".

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